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What would you like to see in a Dungeon Siege IV?

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I'm quiet late to the party I think, but I give my thoughts anyway.
Some people really like that in DS1 you are able to have a 8 man raid party. Well I like to use movement abilities when traveling longer distances and different movement abilities are not compatible with each other. Some movement abilities scale with attack speed and require a one handed weapon, a shield, a two handed weapon and others scale with cast speed. With some of them you can travel through obstacles and they allow different travel distances per use. With all of these differences it is clunky to use in a big party controlled by 1 player. The raid party was always restricted to single player and there is not much sign that the developers gonna stick into it anyway.
Even when DS1, DS3 takes place in same places, it is not likely that we get an open world game as DS4 like Witcher3. The work force in Poland is cheaper and their games are well built on each other.
I don't want new game+, the reused content what Path of Exile will have with the Fall of Oriath expansion is lot better.
DS4 should have good mob and boss mechanics. Killing a Proxo with a stunning blow and applying stun with the it's blast wave to nearby enemies is exceptional. Dividing down the Robe Suit of the Goblin inventor was also really good.
Having both technology and religion/ mythology in(RPG) games in rare and they could focus on this aspect of the game. I've read that in DS3 Goblins are being peaceful which sucks, because fighting them with their technology was one of the unique aspects of the game.
Mob density in DS1 and DS2 was good but a bit more bigger, rare and magic monsters won't hurt.
As for death penalties, losing a percentage of your money might not be the best solution. In Chronicon with one of the newer updates you have a death penalty based on the price of your equipment, so putting your money into stash is not in demand for that reason and btw, big stashes pls. Other games have xp penalties on death.

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Posting an update on my feedback and I can't edit the previous post a while ago anyway.
I tried to play DS2: BW with a 4 man party and against any of the rogue mage bosses, it is awful and that's a whole Act/Chapter with 3 Bosses. You can't really control a big party and avoid stuff, so if we ever want a DS game where there are interesting boss fights where you have to dodge stuff, than there is no point even allowing to have a big party. A 2 man party where both of the characters are ranged and playing in mirror mode is the best bet, so I have no reason to blame why DS3 had that limit.
In a skill system I'd like to have interesting decisions, a fresh start without poorly limited options. If they gonna stick to the DS 2 skill system, than a single big skill wheel with the classes in clock or counter clock vise in the following order would be really good: melee, ranged, blood assassin, combat magic, nature magic, fist of stone, much like the skill wheel in Heroes of Might and Magic V. However having dwarves using thrown weapons and the hybrid class for attacks and nature magic as well as melee blood assassins would be great.
In Path of Exile Fall of Oriath expansion they gonna recycle all of the geographical location of the first 5 act and end up with 10 acts. Much like BW which reused locations partially. I'm not considering the reuses of the first DS game. LoA reused a lot of content and it was rather tiring for me to play through.

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