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  1. Posting an update on my feedback and I can't edit the previous post a while ago anyway. I tried to play DS2: BW with a 4 man party and against any of the rogue mage bosses, it is awful and that's a whole Act/Chapter with 3 Bosses. You can't really control a big party and avoid stuff, so if we ever want a DS game where there are interesting boss fights where you have to dodge stuff, than there is no point even allowing to have a big party. A 2 man party where both of the characters are ranged and playing in mirror mode is the best bet, so I have no reason to blame why DS3 had that limit. In a s
  2. I'm quiet late to the party I think, but I give my thoughts anyway. Some people really like that in DS1 you are able to have a 8 man raid party. Well I like to use movement abilities when traveling longer distances and different movement abilities are not compatible with each other. Some movement abilities scale with attack speed and require a one handed weapon, a shield, a two handed weapon and others scale with cast speed. With some of them you can travel through obstacles and they allow different travel distances per use. With all of these differences it is clunky to use in a big party cont
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