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incompatable version ps3



Hey all,


I've been trying to get into a game via the psn but 3/4 of the games are shown as being incompatable versions?

If you finish the game does it change something in the version or something?

Or maybe if you have the limited edition is it a slightly different version?


Just seems strange because I thought you would have to update the game to play online?





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I'm still having this issue...


My game version is 1.01 and my PS3 is fully updated...


I just went through and deleted all game data from the PS3, installed the 1.01 update again and I'm still only able to play 5/21 games online...

It is still the exact same issue of "The game is using an incompatible version"...

There is 7 other people playing at the moment with games I'm able to access which means they're most likely having the same issue, so please look into this.


It wouldn't be something like a different region or something?


Its not an issue with me not updating my game as above I have fully updated it and with PS3 it forces you to update the game so we should all be using the same version no matter what...


I wanna play online with people but if 3/4s of players online can't join my game or I can't join theirs then I'm VERY restricted in what I can do...

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Still only able to get into a small amount of games...

I've completed the game and done all the things I've said above and still the same problem..



Or at least that their looking into it FFS... this is frustrating as hell... I posted this 3 days ago and all I've had is a tip from the Moderator saying to update the game...


Is it a port forwarding issue?

Is there something I'm missing?


I mean seriously, throw me a bone here Tech Support!

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As with most other developers, Obsidian can't give 1-to-1 tech support to everyone because, well, it wouldn't be possible. They do tend to read the forums and reply where they can though. The official tech support is provided by the publisher - in this case, Square Enix, with whom you could open a support ticket at their website.


I wish I could help but I don't really have any leads here. Usually it'd be things like bad installs, DLC, pirated copies, etc but all that seems a bit unlikely. AFAIK Limited Edition doesn't change anything.

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