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Dungeon Siege 3





I pre-ordered DS3 through Steam and been eager to play it. No problems with the download and install part. But when I try to launch the game I get the this message "Dungeon Siege III failed to start (error code 51).


Has anyone got this problem, and even better a solution/fix?

Tried most things from updating directX to framework and Microsoft Visual C++ and I still get the same error, even re-installed the game.


I have even tried in the "Steam settings" to run "Verify integrity of game cache" and the result is:

Validating Steam files - 100% complete

- 1 files failed to validate and will be reaquired.


I installed and played the demo via Steam and that worked just fine, but the retail just ain

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i suppose you have tried restarting steam?



Yes, ran the "Verify integrity of game cache" and started the game - error code 51

Ran the "Verify integrity of game cache" and restarted steam and then started DS3 - error code 51

Even changed my time code/area ect in windows to English (US) - error code 51


Obviously there is a file missing somewhere, so I can just hope that this gets fixed in the coming patch.

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...Reinstalled? It seems to be a Steam Error more than an error with the game; check up some other threads that have had the issue (Google Error code 51; seems to be a Directx issue);





I do thank you so very much, it works just fine now :thumbsup:


Problem is with F-secure - How to:


Are you using F-Secure Internet Security 20XX?

If "yes", try the following:


Go into the options menu, put the program into the exception list of the real time scanner of F-Secure. The problem with F-Secure and error code 51 concerns many games, also Toki tori.


All you have to do is to add the entire "Dungeon Siege III" folder and that

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