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(PC) Focus not getting lower while blocking ?

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Hey guys,

in help topics there is info :


Blocking drains focus..


I play not middle difficulty and i can block all day long without focus getting lower...


Do everyone have same issue ?


Thnx 4 answers


UPDATE: IT seems FOCUS is getting lower on HARDCORE difficulty, well any in - game info wouldn't be bad..

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Focus is under your health bar. When you hit enemies, it will fill up and you can use your abilities. If you block an attack, it will drain it. After reaching zero, you cant block anymore.

You mean the blue bar ? Well it is not getting lower while i block.. I play on normal diff tho...


I play on PC btw...

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The focus drained is a % that's the same as the % of hp you'd loose had the attack not been blocked. The block is subtracted from the absolute damage, before calculating the relative one.


So for example let's say you have 500 hp, 20 block. The enemy attack would hit you for 100 dmg let's say, but you block it.


80 is 16% from 500 hp, so you'd loose 16% of focus for blocking that attack.


Now let's try if you have 90 block and 1000hp. The same attack that would deal 100 dmg and drained 16% of your focus before now drains (100-90)/1000 = 1%


So you either have high enough block (lowers absolute damage) in combination with health (lowers relative damage) and armor (lowers absolute damage)?

Or you have some ability that makes you take no damage/regenerates your focus as you get hit? Or you got such low focus that the game rounds down the % to 0?

It's still entirely possible that it's a bug though ;) . I'll test it when I get the chance, but won't be any time soon I think.

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