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Dungeon Siege 3 at Comic-Con

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Damn, I hope someone manages to film this or can at least write up a transcript or something.


Or at least another blurry photo. With tree roots. :*


I thought we were due some "eye candy" soon


But how soon is soon? And what came before? THE EGG OR THE CHICKEN?!!






... by the way, care to point me to that post? I must have missed it.

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George Ziets on DS3 narrative design (Gamespot)

Comic-Con 2010: Obsidian creative leads Chris Avellone, John Gonzalez, and George Ziets describe the story-development process on New Vegas and Dungeon Siege 3.


Who was there: The "Fallout: Writing for Evolving Game Franchises" panel at this year's Comic-Con featured a slightly misleading title, as it involved both Fallout: New Vegas and Dungeon Siege 3, both of which are in production at Obsidian Entertainment. The studio's creative director and cofounder Chris Avellone was joined by creative leads John Gonzalez (Fallout: New Vegas) and George Ziets (Dungeon Siege 3).


What they talked about: ...Ziets then took over to detail the process of crafting Dungeon Siege III's narrative. The DSIII box was much smaller than that of Fallout, Ziets said. Namely, it had to take place in the world established by Gas Powered Games. Also, player choice was important, as were consequences, companions, and thematic regions. The smaller box gave the team a greater amount of narrative freedom, Ziets said.


As with Gonzalez, Ziets first immersed himself in the established world of the franchise, playing all of the previous Dungeon Siege games. He then acquired Dungeon Siege's lore bible from Gas Powered Games, reading and internalizing the backstory of the franchise.


From there, Ziets said he settled upon four conditions to establish what the team should focus on in crafting the new game. These included what he and his team were most excited by, what is most central to the franchise, what can provide interesting visuals and gameplay, and what will make the fans happy.


As a result of this process, the team pulled a number of elements from the original Dungeon Siege. Namely, the game would be returning to the Kingdom of Ebb, and it would focus on the 10th Legion, which was a central protective force. From there, it became a matter of expanding the world by doing their own bit of world-building. To get this process started, Ziets sat down to write the Ebb sourcebook, which is a compilation of short stories, legends, calendars, and even a language.


The story emerged from this brainstorming time, and it follows the 10th Legion, which is in a dire state. The force is on the verge of being wiped out as Ebb crumbles about them, and players embark on a quest to rebuild the Legion and in the process uncover the mystery behind its decimation. He said that it is important that players feel a personal stake in the story, and will be among the last of the Legion's original bloodline.

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