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  1. I like her boo... err, I mean guns! Wait, is she wearing sussies and heels?
  2. Odd... So far I have been enjoying NV thoroughly, admittedly I got it for pc and there have been a couple of patches before I bought it. I find it to be far better than Fallout 3 in character, storyline and content. Although Fallout 2 is still my favourite game of all time. NOTE ON FALLOUT 2: Talk about an RPG, I got caught banging a farmer
  3. THIS>>>>>- Give us, at least, 4 players co-op (online and local); also, allow local co-op to be played simultaneously with online co-op most important feature IMO......well except maybe the double rainbows, sentient or not.
  4. The more I see the more I like the look of the Direction this is taking, especially in regards to atmosphere and styling. I guess it will all depend on the multiplayer for me, this seems made for xbox live and its equivalents. Let me take my character into one of my pals games and I will snatch your hand off for this. There is nothing quite like it available on the consoles I cann see it doing VERY well.
  5. Or at least another blurry photo. With tree roots. I thought we were due some "eye candy" soon
  6. I was under the impression that sacred 2 was the drop in drop out system, and that game had full character import/export. I hope the co-op is not just taking over a npc character while the "hero/game host" plays a single player campaign, but 2-4 fully fleged characters in there own right, moving from one multiplayer game to the next ala the original/ diablo/sacred 2 etc.... The best part of the original DS was loot hunting with your pals, it would be like having a football game without the ball surely?
  7. I think the no Battle.net/steam service is why I will likely get this on console.
  8. I am assuming that was sarcasm.... you really have something against the Diablo series.
  9. Either way Diablo was the FAR superior game, people call it a diablo clone because the original Diablo reinvented the hack and slash dungeon crawler loot fest that games like rogue had started and moved it in to 3d. There have been many "diablo clones" since.... sacred, titan quest, fate, nox, and yes..... Even Dungeon siege. You
  10. I also loved this about DS1, You could find a helmet with the same stats within the same level that looked totally different to the one you were wearing, and it made for every character (even those of the same class) look completely different when you bumped into them online.
  11. I must admit I am surprised at the amount of hostility, I LOVED the multiplayer on DS1, I only played Diablo 2 longer. The map was huge and varied (I did hate the goblins though as they seemed out of context to the setting) the loot tables were large and randomised, in fact if it was not for the rampant cheating that went on, I would have played it a great deal longer. I hope being on xbox live will at least keep the cheating to a relative minimum, sorry but I for one AM looking forward to this game, I will agree though that the storyline needed a great deal of work (I have every confidenc
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