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DS big fun(reviews and suggestions)

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Hello everyone.Dungeon Siege was my first serious computer game and,ofcourse,it impressed me and acquainted with computer gaming.But after all those years,all those games I played..DS rpg serie is the best ever for me.My topic contains too much unnesecary information, but I hope you will find use to it.So..


What most players' attitude to DS1?Hack'n'slash RPG, a try to make 3D diablo with pretty graphic and nice sound. Short review..too short..


As for me,DS1 is a unity of very nice graphic and impressive soundtracks. RPG system if interesting, but if DS1 was a try to make 3D diablo, why did it miss SO much elements? DS is more action with just a few functions and RPG elements, just cause it also contains strategy elements. Controling your squad is funny and improves gameplay, your parnters have many possibilities. The best at all this is perfect interface. DS is a game idea, which is independent from diablo-cloning,imo. Main concept of DS was easily modable base for making exciting maps and entartaining player with much more then 2 maps(kingdoom Ehb and Utrean Peninsula).But..it didn't took enogh attention and most big projects weren'tt completed. The most terryfyng was when ZoneMatch ended working..I was so unpleased with it :) Siege editor got much more posibilities then were used at original campaing, but there were not enough fans to realize all the potential of the game.So project didn't take much success..


Oficial addon, DS:Legends of Aranna.. is terrible. Look at those smooth locations..looks like developers had a few days to create the map. And..those Utraens.. look like thin half-giants..couldn't-care-less attitude to Aranna's history. From all history sources at DS1(books,people and so forth) we can understand,that Utraens-ancient race,which took part at creating the world. These creatures should look more like Droogs...but not those bald-headed aboriginals, living at city with flying stones.. So, I didn't like it at all and it rly didn't take more success then original game.


Then comes Dungeon Siege 2. Well, atmosphere was examplarily as at 1st part. Music.. didn't like it at, just melody at Aman'lu,when a fire was extinguished, is worth something. Well..not nessecary about the whole game,but still.. The graphic.. engine was 3 years old at those times..and monsters were even more unintelligible paper models then in DS1. Gamelay..yes, it became more dynamic, super-abilities with cooldowns, more considered quests, more elements to be found or used(books,special doors,monoliths,ghosts,chants,secret locations and so forth).But the game became so close to simple hack'n'slash that shape of party became сorrect smaller then before.4-6 characters per single-player party..(various on difficulty).


So DS2 tried to not lose the conception of modable game base,but tried to take much more attention, taking features from modern RPGs..And it did.But it lost the conception.Most players just completed their unexpierenced heroes,made screenshots of them and forgot the game..And there are many mistakes at this game and RPG system. If you rich some level of 1 skill and an equiped item gives you more points to this skill then max(20),you will not receive anything. For example, at titan quest this problem is solved.More points you,more powerful is skill.It is limited just at increasing by level-up points(I don't suggest such a thing, just gave an example). There is a bug with targeting-super-abilities. If you target an area and cast the shot there,but it is far enough to make your hero run a bit to cast abilitie,you can press target once again,while you are running and wait till cast is done. You abilitie is wasted,but you still hold sight and if you press it,cast is repeated.I even heard of 5 casts per 1 cooldown..but didn't do that. RPG system became better..the game became more balanced.Monsters needed different methods of fighting them in some cases. To be honest, just a few sets and unique items were used, but it's not neccessary.


Multiplayer included only 4 real players' heores at 1 server and just cooperative gameplay on single-player map...Disasterous..I expected for some fights at Arena,for example...But is DS1 multiplayer better? It was terribly broken by cheaters! Agony spell,increasing abilities to 180 and damage for ever and ever(12 per cast),1 hit killing casts, special weapons (this damn scythe >.<)..And absolutely no balance.Melee fighters are imba.The most powerful casts,like transmutation or wooden cell..don't work on players,only on creatures...and they take so much mana that they are useless.The good thing about DS1 spell system is that all spells are different and you can learn all the magik only at 105th level.At DS2...a few spells are repeated again and again..and only some of them get used by players.DS2 wasn't a completed game conception(again) and wasn't enough qualitative RPG(at 2 more difficulty levels absolutely same map(like in most other games) and rewards for some quests are the same as at 1st difficulty,and they are low level for veterans and ellite fighters).


And now,after so much time of playing and learning DS game serie to perfection,I heard about anouncment of DS3. Not a Chris Taylor is the man person, making it..I apreciate him for this game but only fresh approach to the matter can bring success to Dungeon Siege today.And you,SE and Obsidian entartaiment, are choosen for this sacred mission.I wish you all the best.I hope my reiviews(independent from most players) somehow helped you. I see that most job is done(locations,conception) and I think my suggestions will not change anything,but I'll give them, cause I must know that I've done all I could to make DS3 the best game ever.


I'll do suggestions at next posts(might take some time)

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I forgot to tell about Broken World..it repeated success of legends of Aranna.Dark boring locations, nothing really new, no interesting ideas, just new kind of bonus, badly realised..


Well, I got no important suggestions, because, as I understood, you've done most of the job,which should be discussed earlier. People say that you make nice storylines and nice RPG systems..All I can suggest is just not losing unrealized DS potential as a popular modable RPG for couples of friends to play together,improve the game itself and so on..Sounds nice,isn't it?


To be honest, the only screenshot of 4 given, I liked snow-location. Looks like classic DS location on new engine. Nice! But others are..unusual. I hope they will go well with old material. Your storyline returned to kingdom Ehb..surprising for me. I thought that DS1 was story to not continue, to be just modable, and there was no idea to create big memoreble world, like at DS2. At ds2, ehb is mentioned just like far region.And at DS3..a place of actions?Strange.


Well...my main suggestion about DS traditions...I think you used it,but still...DON'T FORGET GOBLIN INVENTOR! :lol:


2nd one...Well...this costs nothing for you...The man who impressed me about DS1 at ZoneMatch once...had a nickname HOUP(which means hope).Make some nice artifact with his name o:) . And..this is rly absurd..make some strong beautiful sword and mention nick "Bagris" at his name.My hero was strong and he played online absolutely honest!I had very beautiful sword,even cheaters wanted this simple one(needed 64 str,if you want to remember tehnology type xD).


Yes,books and storytellers at towns are nice elements at game. Make something more...some secret locations with secret documents...not simple books lying on earth near some wild monsters... Make players interested at places which their visit, make them feel that even if they are heroes at this world, they are just loafing at dust of great past.


Well,what about loot..what I liked about beginning of DS1 is that most time you change equipment without long pauses. Make people need more and more again and again and at the same time GIVE them more and more :lol: But..explaining how to make clothes at RPG...is not task of this forum i quess :lol: :lol:

And now just some suggestions about classes(I think they can be used at any rpg)..


Combat engineer. At his best, he should have big strange metal armor with some engines(mb looking like special mehanic balls),which need some crystals(different colours,prices and difficulty to find them).With these crystals at all engines of his armor,this warrior should pull plungers into earth and start charging.After few seconds, plungers will break and warrior will do very strong ranged storming attempt at enemie(enemies).And this should be both super-abilitie tehnique and not.At basic hits,engineer should need just 1-2 crystals for his sword. Rly many configurations can be added for this class. How many cristols, engines, parts of armor..and so on.


Pets at DS2 is a simple idea with very interesting detail. Pet gets kind of bonus per level considering on what type of bonus was on clothes he has eaten. This idea should be improved. And this can be used for summoner class. For example, there should be different and sometimes rare magic sources in the world, which will work as a food for summones. I think that for summoner,creature shouldn't be a simple spell. This creature should has it's own RPG branches. Mage should gice his creature buffs, and creature should improve it's combat skills by it's own.They may have a skill for a link, which will make impossible to atack mage when summoned creature is alive. Enemie may atack creature or this link..And if there will be types of summoners or branches for them...some should be for link,one should be for summoning an amount of creatures...maybe demons..this will make PvPs more various.


For any questions or ideas, PM me, I'll visit forum everyday. I hope(but it will never happen) that you will make me a beta-tester.


Sorry foe being muddled, but it's difficult to explain my ideas at english and even using my own language, I talk nonsimply..


I'll give more ideas later. I tried to give useful ideas for imagination of developers, not just explaining every skill for melee fighter or something like this..

Mainly I hope to see nice PvP,nice trade and fun online and,most of all,not simple hackn'slash,but 3rd part of Dungeon Siege,a legendary game without big success.

(forgot 1 suggestion: give at online mode sactors for locations..easy,normal and diffcult..players should make their choose considering of how grounded the group of players).


Good luck!

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Wall of text crits you for 9150. You die. :/


Man, that so far past -10 HP.. imagine the description on that death.. "you've been hit so hard you did not merely roll over and die, you exploded into a million pieces and those pieces into a million.. and the pieces pieces into a million.."

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