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  1. No,no and no!What will be the sense for fan to make own dungeons if they can get new again and again?But these "new' will be just random territories with couple of monsters for level up..without atmospheere.
  2. DS1 on big difficulty gave no freedom at just watch style,cause you couldn't defeat all the monsters in location in one fight.DS2 had options to make characters do the job themselves if player wished(just look at options sometimes!).And,yes,4 coop multiplayers sounds disasterous for me..DS2 multiplayer is so boring..I wish DS3 would become much more entartaining with even just my suggestions at my topic..
  3. Comeon,moderators.Tryed to write something worth reading from fan..
  4. So bad that I can't edit the topic to correct mistakes and to delete all your flood
  5. I forgot to tell about Broken World..it repeated success of legends of Aranna.Dark boring locations, nothing really new, no interesting ideas, just new kind of bonus, badly realised.. Well, I got no important suggestions, because, as I understood, you've done most of the job,which should be discussed earlier. People say that you make nice storylines and nice RPG systems..All I can suggest is just not losing unrealized DS potential as a popular modable RPG for couples of friends to play together,improve the game itself and so on..Sounds nice,isn't it? To be honest, the only screensho
  6. Sorry for not efiting my message,it's pretty difficult to read for some people and my english is not well enough for foreingers.
  7. Hello everyone.Dungeon Siege was my first serious computer game and,ofcourse,it impressed me and acquainted with computer gaming.But after all those years,all those games I played..DS rpg serie is the best ever for me.My topic contains too much unnesecary information, but I hope you will find use to it.So.. What most players' attitude to DS1?Hack'n'slash RPG, a try to make 3D diablo with pretty graphic and nice sound. Short review..too short.. As for me,DS1 is a unity of very nice graphic and impressive soundtracks. RPG system if interesting, but if DS1 was a try to make 3D diablo,
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