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KOTOR2 Cheats do not work

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Ok so i have played KOTOR and KOTOR 2 and enjoyed both. So I played KOTOR 2 not so long ago like maybe a month and a half ago and got bored of it so i wanted to do some cheats :( . I saw you had to search swkotor2.ini i did that and put EnableCheats=1 under [Game Options]. It told me to press the ~/` button to enable the "invisible" box. I typed the cheat code........nothing :sorcerer: . It told me my guy wouldn't move at all but my inventory screen would pop up and map as i was typing. I have trying to figure out the problem for some time but can not get to the bottom of it. Can someone please help me out?

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All the swkotor2.ini stuff never worked for me, either. Or some others. But it does for some. Why this is, I couldn't tell you.


So, yeah, what Deadly Nightshade said. KSE rocked.

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Moved to proper section...

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