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Modding Alpha Protocol

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Anyone know how to specifically tone down damage of Deus Vult agents? Everything else (even the g22) has been fine except these guys with their pistols are taking down all 140 of my armor in 1 second. I suspect it's a bug or something. I want to know where I can look at/change their damage values without touching the global damage ini.

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I am trying to modify the APDamageTypesData.ini so that all the special ammo types will give me 1 hit kills.


However when I start the game nothing is changed.


Even stranger, all my modifications in the .ini file are gonr and are replcaed with:





Can somebody help me?


Just post the correct modifications. >_<

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I tried modifying the APDamageTypesData. ini into the following:






































I want traq rounds to do instant kills. Strangely enough notihng changes ingame. Furthermore when I open the ini-file after exiting the game the entire file is empyt except for the last bit ([iniVersion].


Can somebody help me?

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I've trying to make Mike move like "normal" action games.

W = walk

W + Shift = run


Open alpha protocol game install folder\APGame\Config\DefaultInput.ini


Change the speed of first four lines after General bindings to 0.2

; --- General bindings
+Bindings=(Name="MoveForward",Command="Axis aBaseY Speed=0.2")
+Bindings=(Name="MoveBackward",Command="Axis aBaseY Speed=-0.2")
+Bindings=(Name="StrafeLeft",Command="Axis aStrafe Speed=-0.2")
+Bindings=(Name="StrafeRight",Command="Axis aStrafe Speed=+0.2")

Keep other lines untouched. Save file and start game.


There is a problem, that the hacking minigame will be unable to use WSAD to move left password.

It seems the minigame control only work with movement speed=1.0, I'm still trying to change it...

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Thank you This post has been my best friend ever it Fixed the game I loved,
The frist time I downloaded this game It was with pricay And The game worked prefect after 3 years the game comes on steam and I bought it and it never really worked because lag etc I never understood how that was possible but this fixed and And now I injoy the game I injoyed back in the day

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