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  1. I am wondering who knows this game and knows some fixs for it the issue I am having sooo There is no sound in the game, And the mouse is unable to be moved while zoomed in, Sorry If I posted this in the wrong section or if this isn't allowed I am new to this forum the main reason I made a account was because this post ( http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/55422-modding-alpha-protocol/page-11 ) it fixed the game I loved and wanted to thank them, But now atm I am having a another issue with a other game, Steam has alot of games Broken.. and its annoying.. One of the 40k Games i used to play doesn
  2. Thank you This post has been my best friend ever it Fixed the game I loved, The frist time I downloaded this game It was with pricay And The game worked prefect after 3 years the game comes on steam and I bought it and it never really worked because lag etc I never understood how that was possible but this fixed and And now I injoy the game I injoyed back in the day
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