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Where are all the posts going?


Where are all the posts?  

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  1. 1. Where are all the posts?

    • What posts?
    • They're buried under the big P
    • Next to Jimmy Hoffa
    • Somewhere in Siberia
    • Under a porch in West Virginia
    • The far side of the moon
    • If I told you, I'd have to kill you

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Posts are disappearing around here faster than booze at Ted Kennedy's birthday party. I knew some of these posts personally, and I would like to know where they are, and more importantly, why they are there. Any ideas?

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How so? The boards have suddenly become much more populous as of late, and will only continue to be more so as NWN2's development moves ahead. Obsidian have already had to change servers once to handle the load.

I suspect that with the large influx of posts, they've got to crack down on the superfluous stuff more heavily now in order to maintain board functionality.

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The last thread to bite the dust got it because the topic had become lost in some sort of weird, hate-mongering, homo-erotic flamefest. Furthermore, I'm the rat who ratted it out. ...But never say I gave it to anyone in the back.


The moderators around here are some of the most hands off moderators I've seen anywhere. So, it's not like they come crashing down on every little offense. Still, this is a message board for a video game company. I'm sure they have to be at least somewhat careful about what folks post on the fora.


We've got our share of crazies, but the rabid hate-mongering among members probably doesn't help the company sell games. Anyhow, it's not like we can't discuss the issues without going mad.


So don't be so quick to blame the mods.

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