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I actually really enjoyed this. Far-future vikings, what the hell isn't to like? Honestly, with people bitching and moaning about the controls, I thought they were going to ruin the hell out of enjoying the game. Funnily enough, they didn't. Ranged combat's a little on the tricky side, but I play a Berserker so shooting things isn't high on my list of priorities. The camera's a little dodgy too, but it's a fairly easy thing to get past.


EDIT: Oh, and on the subject of the story, it's basically Ragnarok but with some of the key "players" being introduced in a slightly more vague manner than the mythology does it.

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I haven't played it, but it seems like the kind of game that sucks up a lot of time and is fun for a while, but lacks substance and is not a well-rounded experience.


Don't let anyone stop you, though, it could be the best game you'll ever play for all I know.


Also, check out the Gametrailers review if you want to get a general feel of the game.

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This game is awful. While at its core, it has elements of an enjoyable (but flawed) combat system, for the most part it just reeks of awful design. Awful bland level design with no semblance of providing a sense of direction to the player, awful enemy encounters (you will essentially be fighting the same 4-5 enemies throughout the ENTIRE GAME), awful exploration (the game tries to be smart by giving the player abilities such as pushing doors from afar and breaking wind, but all it ever amounts to is getting to an area and then using that stupid power - there is absolutely nothing clever in terms of exploring your abilities), awful balance (the game compensates for complete lack of class of balance - only the medic can heal, aside from the rare occasional hp drop - by making you infinitely respawn for free), and an awful sluggish interface that goes out of its way to make checking or changing anything a chore. The game could have had potential, but instead is full of fundamentally awful design decisions that sucks out any enjoyment someone might have had from the good parts of the game and then pummels it into the ground. This is 'David Cage trying to be a Hollywood director in Fahrenheit' bad. We're talking 'Morrowind using walking encyclopedias to flesh out a living breathing world' bad. Only, it encompasses the entire game. I'm not even dissing the generic art or stupid animations; those are awful, but who cares? What's important is that the design flaws directly affect the gameplay.


I got the game recently because the demo 'wasn't too bad'. However, the demo encompasses all the good elements of the game, and is short. The full game takes all that and repeats it ad nauseam. It's all completely downhill from there.


Disclaimer: I've only played 3 chapters out of 4. I threw away that piece of crap back to the store. I virtually recouped all the cash I got from it, but what I will never get back is life without experiencing this piece of crap.


By the way, the music is awesome.

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It's... ok. If they had added a bundle of more variety to the enemies and made there be more levels that were shorter it probably wouldn't have been as panned as it was.


Combat was functional but sticky, but guns were kind of... underpowered, and one of the boss fights REQUIRED Them to be powerful.


The final level (hel) was... idiotic because they finally started throwing new enemies at you but they were coming in hordes and were significantly more powerful. Usually when you send a horde of bad guys at your player you don't have the badguys take 8 hits to go down because by that time the player will be dead because the rest of the horde ate his face.

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