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Hey, you know how we have that navigation bar up top? On my screen, it currently read: "> Obsidian Forum Community > Obsidian General > Suggestions"


Well, is there any way to get that down at the bottom of the page also? I mean, I normally use that to navigate simply because my pointer is closer to the bottom of the page than the top by the time I've read to the bottom. Right now, I have to either scroll back or hit the back button on my browser.


I know this is relatively minor, and so I'm not giving a big gripe. It is, nevertheless, a little irritating to me, so I'm giving a small gripe.

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Thanks for sharing the gripe :rolleyes: Maybe admin will see whether this is something they want to implement. I do know they are waiting for the next version of the board to be released, so maybe they will consider this as an option when that occurs. For now, I just navigate back with the Forum link @ the bottom:




Not quite as useful, but handy somewhat, fwiiw.

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