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Anyone ever thought of making a Neutrel Jedi?

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You can do it but eventually you'll have to choose either paths in certain key plot areas...there really is no inbetween (aside from a few dialogue choices) you'll get dark or light occurances no matter what. They do have their own specific robe in the game however.



Speaking of that I was actually considering a story angle about the Grey Jedi awhile ago, I think it'd be an interesting avenue to explore creatively for a story for KotOR or otherwise in SW lore. You really don't hear much about them and they sound like interesting characters...to just walk away like that and observe, takes a special kind of Jedi/Sith when you think about it.


Probably be kinda boring for a story though, not much else but observation and isolation.



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I played with a neutral Jedi once... I was disappointed that the game still threw Visas into my lap eventually. :ermm:


Technically if you stay neutral, she shouldn't be able to feel the 'disturbance' in the Force as she mentions in that cutscene.

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The ending of the words is ALMSIVI.

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