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Not sure if this is permitted here, if not well...sorry, just go ahead and shut topic down if so.


I've only found a few KotOR videos on the web I'd consider good, just plain tributes or some such...most are God awful but for some reason I felt like sharing this here. I guess it conveys my depression of no KotOR III.


For future use feel free to share your KotOR tributes and some such.


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Is the David Boreanaz lookalike in the beginning of the video you posted, Revan?


Nah just the commercial promoting KotOR I's release back in 2003, Christ its been awhile hasn't it, sometimes it seems like yesterday. That was a very hibernal August lol...


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I have my own channel about KotOR, the images in my signature are from the vids.

Some of the best rated are

of the Rebuilt Jedi Enclave sequence, and one about
. There is also
about Atris and Katarr, and some romance vids on


Yeah I've seen most of the restored stuff by Team Gizka already, I'm just waiting for someone to have a full playthrough when its 100% completed. As a consoler I'm out of luck playing anything in the TSL Restoration Project, and I've gotta say most of the Mods I've seen of both games are terrible...it should just be left alone.


Here's probably my favorite cut content-



And...bonus stuff.


Info from Canderous/Mandalore about Revan-



The Helmet of Mandalore-



Atton's death-


(Mind the animie crap)
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