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Workout tunes


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Work out? What's that?


You are all a bunch of fairies :)

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Fast and rocking, you say? I'll give you the fastest, most rocking track from each of my favorite bands.


Angel Dust - Border of Reality

Fates Warning - Simple Human

New Eden - No Ill Intent

Destiny's End - Transition

Redemption - The Death of Faith and Reason

Conception - Building a Force

Gamma Ray - Dethrone Tyranny

Mercury Tide - My Dear Enemies (not very fast, but damn it is rocking)

ARK - Noose


All of these songs are incredibly good.

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Thanks, man!



@Baley: The Pogues are nice and all, but for working out??

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You can't go wrong with all that NOFX on a workout mix. Nothing like punk rock drums to get the blood flowing. I had "The Decline" on my exercise bike mix back in the day, and I'd try to match the intensity of the song. That was 18 minutes of hard work.


And here's a metal gem you might want to try:


Racer X - Technical Difficulties


Good luck!



Gary Oldman is a hell of a guitar player

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