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Anyone played it yet? (linky)


It suffers from some rather annoying issues (irrelevant and atmosphere-breaking minigames), but overall it's actually a pretty cool game.. It's the first time I've actually felt like an unstoppable supervillian/anti-hero in a game - and it's absolutely amazing to cause utter and complete chaos and destruction to military and infected foes alike - which you do all the time.. Imagine a playground city like in the GTA series, with a dash of Assassins Creed (with all it's great and annoying parts) and a character which is kinda like a mix of Hulk and Venom.


Without getting into a lengthy review I'll say that they've done a few interesting things - if you consume certain people (they will be marked by an icon), who know pieces of what is happening to you and the city, a short movie will play - much like in Mass Effect when you get subjected to the Prothean beacon - which adds small pieces to the bigger puzzle..

You also get points, from destroying, consuming and completing missions, which you need to spend on new powers, but there are so many tools of destruction and combinations of moves that even if you only had half of them you would still feel like a total bad-ass killing machine. The powers are balanced well enough and you need to use different strategies for different situations and having such a big arsenal at your disposal makes you feel well-equipeed for any situation. And this plays well into the overall feeling of unstoppable monster mayhem.


The background is clich

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I'm about halfway through, I think the good makes up for the bad.


Yeah, I thought so too, until it became too over-the-top. And by that I really mean the boss battles, specifically

the one with Elizabeth Greene (??), wherein she appears as a freakin'... thing? What does one call that? A wierd zombie-flower-spinal column- hole?

. Running around and jumping on people up buildings, and then dropping down with one of those falling attacks and making craters probably ranks as the best part of the game. That and hijacking helicopters and killing crap. Its a fun exercise in senseless violence, but is one of those games that should be rented rather than purchased. It has lots of potential though.


On a side note, have you noticed that every third-ish mission is much more difficult than the others?

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Sounds pretty cool. Might check it out.

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It looks like poo, but it plays pretty well.

I noticed that too. Its not badly done, it just all looks like red-ish poo.

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I personally enjoyed it more then GTA 4, while the graphics are poor, the gameplay is awesome fun. The ending left some unanswered questions though.


I was wondering if it was better than Infamous. They seemed fairly similar in scope and theme.


If I had a PS3 I would get both, Infamous sounds sweet too. However Prototype powers are better, Alex is basically Carnage, while in Infamous you shoot lightning.

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I was wondering if it was better than Infamous. They seemed fairly similar in scope and theme.

Infamous does the city and it's environs a LOT better. Personally I'd take infamous over prototype anyday. As it stands right now Prototype is fun for a few hours then just gets boring. The biggest problems I had were the lack of a weapon that did range, and the seeming tunnel vision of your enemies (you can literally absorb one while he's blowing in his buddies ear and the other guy won't notice).

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Its an acceptable game, but definently not a good one. The gameplay is ok and it works, but its not fun enough so that you'll actually enjoy slaughtering the hordes of enemies they throw at you. And the story and setting is just plain rubbish, it tries to be really cool but its really just stupid to the core and full of plotholes. In fact, it's what I dislike the most about the game. Its like they didnt even try to give us a plausible reason to why the main character runs around murdering people.


-Ok, so these doctor types did some experiment on you so you got these wicked superpowers with absolutely no drawbacks.

-They did WHAT?!!! I'll kill them all!!

-Why would you..oh, nevermind. Hey, there's the national guard doing their best to contain the infection and stop the zombies.


-Why do you want to kill everybody? Couldnt you just use awesome your powers to stop the zombies?

-Stop the zombies??!! Why the f*ck would I want to do that when I can just run around killing EVERYONE?!!



And if you're going to have cutscenes with lots of closeups, you need hires versions that look good close up. In prototype they just use the regular ones and thus the faces look really stiff and you can see compression artifacts in the lowres textures. The eyes also look horrible

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