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Kotor 2 crashing...vista..

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Okay, so I have read all across the internet. I have tried everything I can find. I've used run as admin with xp compatability even with doing the same for initial setup. I've used the mss32.dll from kotor (kotor 1 works fine for me). I've tried turning all sound and graphics down (don't think those are the problems though). I can get to character creation but after the initial text crawl, it says kotor ii has stopped working. I've been trying for 4 days now lol and nothing has worked.


Here's some system specs.


erating System: Windows Vista

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Problem is probably your laptop having onboard graphics..



Okay, so, any solutions?


Not an answer but more of an explanation. http://forums.obsidian.net/index.php?showt...rt=#entry923264


Try do a search on the forum with your graphics card, might lead to more info. Kinda in the same boat as you. I have different onboard intel card. I can get into the game and move slightly, but it'll crash when I rotate my camera, I'm thinking there's an object in thegame that the card isn't compatable with. I definatly can't start it up from the beginning, only from certain save points I took from my other computer.


Sorry mate, not really good news

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