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Game crashes when I move my view

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Hi there. I hope someone can give me a hand with getting KOTOR 2 to work, or explaining why I can't. I've been trying time and again to get this game to work on my laptop because I'm giving up the desktop that can run KOTOR2. So here's my problem(s) with the laptop.


First off, I'm using vista. Had an issue with that, got passed that. I can get into the main menu, I can see the sith character off to the side, I can start a new game and watch the intro video, but then it crashes. Giving me the dreaded kotor2 has stopped working from vista.


Right, so then I updated the game, updated my drivers and am useing 3d analyze, added the line in the kotor2.ini file, moved the mss32 from kotor 1 to 2 and have everything on the lowest settings. I then moved my saved files from the desktop to the laptop, and tried loading from where I left off. To my surpize, it worked. Somewhat. I can see my guys, I can make him run up and down, but when I shift my camera angle, the game destroyes the very essence of joy i had in that moment with the kotor2 has stopped working.


Anyhow, so yep. I'm at a loss. I don't know much about computers but that sounds like a graphics card issue, though I don't quite get why it can load and let me move, oh and let me use force powers and wave my lightsabers about, but when I shift my camera angle it deciedes to bugger out.


My specs are,



2 gig ram

Genuine intel® CPU t1600 @ 1.66ghz

Direct x 9

- - and the kicker.. - Mobile Intel® 4 series Express Chipset Family



With 3d Analyze i'm only using the option "Emulate HW TnL caps"



if anyone has any thoughts I'd like to hear them. Not everyday I play a game I really enjoy and im really enjoying this one. Well, was.


Thanks for reading

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Hi again. Haven't found anything new myself but I can give a bit more detail. I loaded my save file on gogo's ship, and rescued, myself. I cleared all the rooms and am in a smaller room. I can rotate the camera about 200 degrees to the right, but then it will crash. If I rotate it to the left though, it will crash after about 10 degrees rotation.


Strange eh. I've just tried moving about and I'm starting to think it is something in the room rather that is making it crash rather than the rotation. Some save files I have will just crash once they are loaded, where as this one doesnt. Maybe I saved the one that loads in a spot where I'm viewing objects that can load properly, as opposed to others.


Ive read that KOTOR 2 as opposed to KOTOR 1 has some new lighting or software feature that certain graphics cards aren't compatible with. Though, in that case I thought 3d-analyze was supposed to deal with that or something. :)

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