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Light/Dark side change

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All the npc's keep changing from light to dark side. When i go into a new area then they change back but after i spend a few moments in the area then they swich sides again. This ain't really a MAJOR probelm but it really bugs me. If anyone knows what the hell is up with it then i would really apreciate the help >_<.

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Is your character around neutral? They could be changing because of your influence.

nah. I'm light side and when i enter a area so are the characters that i have high influence with. After a few moments in the area though, they become the opposite to what they were (eg high light side to low darkside)

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It's a long known engine bug (not fixed by the patch. yay!) This alignment fluctations of your party members can get the most extreme if you cheat your PC's charisma. Even if you don't, you may still see it when you enter a new area, get LS or DS points and level up your character. Unfortunately it cannot be permanently fixed as editing Kotor's *.exe file is illegal. I was working on a workaround for this problem like year and a half ago. Found a solution, never finished the script, think I should finish it finally as I was really close o:)

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