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Mr. Chris A., you out there? Can you spill the beans now?

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I agree that it doesn't make sense for Exile not to know Revan is a (Light) Jedi again just as he/she is. I mean there's even a separate quest in TSL that basically says "catch up with what's been going on in the galaxy" that's started by talking to Atton and finished by talking to Kreia.


But you're wrong about there being no past animosity, I think. Revan used Exile at Malachor V, and used him again later as a weapon of conversion against the Council. Check out some dialogues with HK, about what Revan thought of the Exile and also what his intentions were towards the Jedi he sent to Malachor (you need high INF to unlock them).


Of course I don't think it means they're destined to come to blows, though. But their alliance against the Sith would not be... an unambigous thing.

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Kotor II wasn't finished. Those little tidbits like why Revan did what he did, Kreia being Arren Kae, the HK factory. etc. were left out cause they didn't have time.

Is there any reason to think that Kreia being Arren Kae would have been proven more definitely in a finished game? As far as I know Chris Avellone has resisted all attempts to make him say it outright...

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