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Bloody Hell

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For the record I'm playing on a PC.


So after I've finished collecting all the jedi (I guess I went in reverse order of what was intended Onderon to Nar Shadda to Dant was my path) after finishing up on Dant I go to talk to Kriea and she says we must speak in the Jedi enclave. So off I go prancing my way down to the enclave and walk in....nothing happens...ok I figure maybe if I walk around abit maybe I need to find everyone else, nope still nothing. So then I figure well how about I fly to another planet then talk to Kriea again then fly back to dant and run back to the enclave...well if you cant guess I figured wrong.


Any ideas?

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I have done this before I had to go through the (crap trying to remember) ok nvm when you get off the eban hawk walk to kunda from the space port. when you see kunda take the path to the right and head to the enclave that is how i fixed it good luck.

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