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  1. The file is Mss32.dll you can find it on filefront.com
  2. I have done this before I had to go through the (crap trying to remember) ok nvm when you get off the eban hawk walk to kunda from the space port. when you see kunda take the path to the right and head to the enclave that is how i fixed it good luck.
  3. Ok now back to reality the hame is almost 4 years old (it came out in Fed 2005 right) if there was going to be an EP it would have been done 2 years ago so ZERO chance of it happening. @ sithcookies : Have you tried to run it patchless or only one of them? I have read about a few of people that ran it without the patch because it wouldnt work with it installed in VISTA. (I have vista and only had to replace Mss32.dll and run as admin)
  4. Have you tried to copy the disk to your hard drive and then specify that file path (i have all mine backed up so no need for install CD's)? Or do you mean that the installer not letting you change the path?
  5. What was the problem? Maybe some of us can help you. Did u replace the Mss32.dll file? Did you run it as admin and did u turn on the Windows XP compatibility? Also to answer your question they never made a restored version and if you ask why it is because of MONEY.
  6. I don't think so. I am 99.99% sure it only works on only meatbags. If your on peragus then that might be why you dong see it, But if ur on Telos and don't see it then i don't know what is the problem.
  7. I have to say that I love vista on my laptop (and yes I play games with it) and everything I have tried has worked or had a fix out. I play BF2 (all exps), BF1942 (all exps but vietnam), Cod1 (all exps), Cod2 (all exps), Cod4, all the sims 2 (but free time and one stuff pack), kotor 1, kotor 2, EAW, NWN 2 (and exps), AOE 2 (and exps), AOE 3, Mass Effect, LOTR Battle for Middle Earth, Sins of a Solar Empire, and all of these are curently installed and working. I have only one problem when i exit a game after it as exited it says that (insert program name here) has stoped working and needs to close (but I was exiting so no duh it stoped working lol) and that is only on 5 of the old ones. But hey mabey I am just lucky.
  8. 1 scandal (the beta leak incident) and 2 or 3 name calling incident's. I think only one was only cut for length.
  9. I don't think it is illegal but surtainly unethical and maybe immoral. And because it is a mod and not a new ip i think NDA's are void. Lucasarts own the trademark so a group of people (however generous they are) have no right to a NDA. My $.02
  10. Ok lets see if this works here is a link to the Mss32.dll file. What happens is that Vista uses sound differntly so it needs an updated sound file. Just place it in your install folder (default is C:\Program Files\LucasArts\SWKotOR2 ) there will already be one there so it will ask to replace it. Please let us know if it works.
  11. Sorry I missed that (I looked at the pic and forgot to read the rest of the message.. doh) what do you mean it cant run like it opens and says windows is looking for a solution or is it a black screen or is it you cant get past character creation? Also since you are using Vista did you already replace the Mss32.dll sound file? I can give you a link if needed. Again sorry for being blind. lol
  12. We need to know what graphics card you have. The easyest way to check it through DirectX Diagnostic Tool. 1. Open start menu 2. Click run 3. Type dxdiag and click ok 4. Click yes if a message pops up that it might crash your computer. (it wont) 5. Click the display tab 6. Give us the device name and driver date. PS. Is this a laptop?
  13. Might want to try older drivers because the game is 3-4 years old.
  14. it is in your install folder default is C:\Program Files\LucasArts\SWKotOR2 the ini icon will look like gear and a piece of paper. Unless you want to get invulnerability i would use KSE .
  15. I have not had this problem but if I remember correctly it is a SecuROM issue so you might want to try there website. I just said screw the CD and got a no CD crack (I own both of the games and have there Cd's if needed) so I'm evil get over it. lol . Nightshade might know where the answer is. Sorry i cant help any further.
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