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Blitz the League 2 video (gross)


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Whoa, totally missed that I didn't have a link. The Video Game blog had a great one up about the juicing that you can do in the game to fix player's injuries. This game looks great, and the gameplay looks like it's going to be a lot of fun.



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I'll be honest, I'm very disappointed in the direction this game has gone. When I heard they hired a write from Playmakers, I thought they might actually create a game where the players have personalities, and you would actually need to manage them to get the full potential. I thought a story based football game could be great. But they seem completely focused on making it as violent as possible, and seem way too focused on drugs and sex to make this a good game.

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I think that Egan did have a pretty heavy hand in crafting the story for this one though. The reviews that are now out are talking about how the single player campaign mode is pretty well done, check out the Console Monster review for some talk about that. The guy spends a paragraph or so talkingi about the campaign mode and is really positive about it.



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