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First time play through on PC

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OK so this is probably a pretty dumb question but here it goes...


I am going through my first playthrough of KotOR II on the PC. I should clarify- I have played it about 8 times on Xbox so I am familiar with the storyline. I meant this is the first time I have played it on my desktop. Anyway, I just finished killing Nihilus on the Ravager and as I was heading back I ran into a apparition of Revan. He said something to the extent of following him and then I was suddenly taken to the room in the Jedi Enclave with all the masters plus Kreia, Nihilus, and Revan. I talk a little bit to Kreia and then Revan asks me to help him find Bastila. In my journal a have a blank quest with no information.


I have downloaded numerous mods in this game but I can't remember downloading anything like this, although it is possible that I'm losing my mind. :teehee: My question is this. Is this a mod that I downloaded and just can't remember, or is that something special that only the PC version has?

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