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Earth Shock Socks Black Rock

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Obsidian Entertainment got hit by a jolt from the 7.2 mile deep, 5.8 tremblor out of Chino Hills at approximately 11:51 am PST, Tuesday morning.




Everybody is safe and sound, though Aliens environmental artist Mitch Ahlswede's figurine collection took a hit when one member fell from his perch on a computer monitor knocking his leg off (The figurine's not Mitch's leg). The figurine is in serious but stable condition. Mitch is recovering.

Thanks for the awesome avatar Jorian!

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Everyone was good on the NX2 side. There was a small shake, and everyone was thinking, "oh, this is pretty small", then it started picking up and it was pretty funny to watch as people were thinking to themselves, "Oh Crap!" as they started getting into doorways and ducking under desks. Our desks probably would not hold too much if stuff really started falling down. Overall though, nobody got hurt and I didn't see any damage. It is unfortunate about Mitch's figurine though, I hope get gets better soon.

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