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What a ripoff

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I've noticed a lot of other members have encountered the same problem of not being able to past a certain section due to the game glitching out and producing an impossible to get past black screen.

I think mine takes the cake. I got mine on the second map of Malachor 5 just before I'm about to enter the Academy, does it get any worse than that?

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yeah... nothing like a slap in the face at the END of the game...


what vid card you running? Nvidia 8x00 series? I just bought a GT8800 a few months back and it has caused more trip ups in this game than I can justify trying to fix. but if its just one section you need to get by, i suggest that you grab another (maybe lower grade) PC and run the save from there just to get past that point. then, copy the savegame and take it back to the PC you desire to play it on. This has a good chance of fixing the problem (if dealing with a computer that kotor2 is happy with).


I have played this game on both xbox and PC with no problems what-so-ever. I was running a gt5500 (laggy) that was able to make it from start to finish of the game.


now. I have issues entering areas @ iziz and have lost the ambition to fix obsidian's faults (stability of kotor 1 still intact). i know alot of people don't see it as obsidian's fault, but I do... when they can easily push out an update patch to fix the problems. but it seems they have given up completely in this area.


If anyone from obsidian checks this forum any more, please look into this re-occurring issue. It will gain you more 'influence' than you could understand...

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nVidia drivers lately have been amazingly poor for the past year or so (that I've experienced). I thought it was pretty bad when my widescreen resolutions started scrolling sideways. Then I couldn't access the control panel. Then scaling did not work.

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