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lol@UPS shipping - expected to play KOTOR II over the weekend.


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So I placed my order for KOTOR II on newegg for the PC (Since I couldn't find it anywhere else in stories for PC).


Took them 5 days to CHARGE my card, which is odd.


Took another 5 days for the package to leave Minnesota and get to Commerce City, CO.


Status: Adverse Weather Conditions, not in Transit.


For some reason I guess Denver had some pretty bad rainstorms if they couldn't drive it down here for another 4 days.


Today the "Arrival Scan" was completed in Commerce City. And not its in Transit to Pueblo, two hours away. UPS doesn't ship on Saturday's/Sunday's so I guess I'll get it 4pm Monday when I'm still at work.


-sigh at the Shipping system.


*Note* Original shipping plan was "Standard 3-day Business shipping". Should've been "Standard 3x4day shipping plan".


Anyways, enough of my crap... Any odd shipping stories for you guys?

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While taking a summer class I had a book cost me 229.99 at the campus bookstore, so I took it back and order it online for 80 bucks. I needed it ASAP because I had a test in the class on monday and it was a tuesday. I did overnight shipping and expedited processing. Extra 20 bucks, but I figured what the hey I am saving 130 dollars.


Well by friday I started getting really nervous and so naturalyl I became really good friends with a couple of people in my class so I could use their books for short periods of time over the weekend.


Long story short I got my book that monday when i got home from my test and I was pissed to put it mildly.


Never bought a game online all though I do use gamefly. If you pay attention though and are a member they'll have random sales where you can get games like KotOR2 for a really good price like 12 bucks or something.

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I generally double the time estimates they give you - like what they say about mp3 players' battery life, you can't really take them by their word. I'm in New Zealand so when I get stuff from US/UK I just sit back and assume a month for anything. And sometimes, it really does take them that long.

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