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Ah, that's the "rotating puzzle" in Vogga's warehouse, right?


If it is, the point here is that the each four symbols can be turned both clockwise or counterclockwise like a dial, and since there are two line with four symbols in each, that gives us three "dials" - the four to the left, the four in the middle, and the four to the right.


It's a nice little challenge to figure out, so I recommend you think about how to do it. It's not that difficult really. But if you can't wait, here's the total spoiler



Turn the center "dial" counterclockwise, then turn the left "dial" counterclockwise, and finally turn the right "dial" clockwise


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did you try blasting the door panel that's what i always do its difficult to get the code



what do you mean


i dont know any other way to get the door open in vogga's warehouse on nar shadaa other than blasting it

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If you are dumb and lazy, you blast the control panel. If you are smart, you'd solve the puzzle for the XP points.

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Always knowing the answer doesn't make you smart, but being able to discover the answer does.

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