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Who would you like to see....?

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hahahaha Jack Nickleson for Malak... haha. JK go and watch the first batman original..

"Wipe this pathetic planet from the galaxy."

-- Planet Explodes --

"Have you ever rubbed a rhubarb?"

-- Sadistic Joker Laugh --

"I'm glad their dead."

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Patrick Stewart could be good for Uthar, Saul(a Evil Picard) or Vrook(well it is a upgrade for Vrook)


Waste of talent IMHO. I mean, have you seen Patrick Stewart as the bad guy in "Conspiracy Theories"? Brrr... :shrugz::)



yes i have. Also the movie producer don't have to be exarct to the Kotor game but as long as they are with the spirit of Kotor.

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