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So I installed a mod that added M4-78 to the game, just to give it a shot. It was a bit half-baked so I decided to get rid of it. The instructions for uninstall were a bit hard to understand, and I wasn't sure specifically what to do and didn't want to screw up the other game files, so I decided to uninstall the whole game and reinstall, which is what I did last time I installed a sizeable mod that I wanted to get rid of.


I'm reinstalling and get this:




I tried installing again in safe mode (which is when I took the screenshot) and the same thing happened. Does anyone know what could be causing this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Have you deleated the mod files manually? They will not be removed with an uninstallation.

yes you need to manually delete the installation folder otherwise your configuration, saves and override folder remain there.

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The entire KOTOR2 folder no longer exists on my hard drive, and still the install error comes up. So it's not any mods in the Override folder, since it doesn't exist.


Through some research the problem seems to be a scratched disc, and when I look at the disc itself I can see two decent size scratches on it. I'm going to borrow a friend's CD and see if that works. If it doesn't I'll post again here.

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i have to create a new empty override folder every time i install the gaame


Yeah, that means you have been using mods that do not take advantage of it. :shifty:

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