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You mean at the very end of the game?


It's usually not so tough. I mean, Kreia is tough, but apply strategy, and it's not so bad.


First, if you're having trouble with the three floating lightsabers, use Force Speed and retreat until they don't follow you. Then heal up and buff up. Move towards the sabers again until one - and only one - notices you and gives chase. Let it follow you, but withdraw a little, so you the others don't notice you. Once one is down, repeat the process for the two others. This way, you can pick off the sabers one by one. Kreia will never follow you.


Once the sabers are gone, heal up and activate all your strongest force-buff powers (or if you're playing DS, simply run up to Kreia and spam the Force Crush power). She resists force powers well and uses them herself, so go hand to hand with her - even a jedi consular/jedi master can challenge her in a lightsaber duel. Do not hesitate to retreat, if things look grim - you can always approach and try again, as she will never give chase.

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I just threw adhesive grenades at her then stormed her again and again and again... I was a Jedi Consular that time btw.


As for the sabers I just ran from them then used Storm whil running, this freezes you and the sabers for the same amount of time, then just kept running again. I repeated this until they were dead.

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what is the strongest lightside power you have?

LS powers aren't about power, their abut helping. But if hes LS aligned and saved the masters(Then Kreia killed them...) you should've gotten Force Enlightenment. That and Force Meditation are some of the strongest non-damaging powers.


First off, a must-have power is Force Storm. Death Field isn't a must, but helpful when your hurt. When fighting KREIA, you should have adequate saves, a strong affinity to the force, and really strong. That way, you should be really good with fighting. Now, start spamming Force Storm (And Death Field if you have it...) and heal yourself if you get hurt.


Now for the Sabers. Keep spamming Force Storm (Death Field >_>). Thats the best advice.


Part of Rise of the Sith TSL Mod

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