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Suggestion: My DREAM RPG!


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I would like to see an RPG in which you can switch to 1st person view and play it like an FPS but the game still has LOTS of RPG elements. Like buying (maybe stealing) books to learn how to use other weapons and other equipment. You'll have terrible accuracy or can't even use certain weapons if you haven't trained/learned how to use them. Same goes for equipment.

Other things to learn: learn how to heal, lockpick, hack.

Pay a visit to a "Bootcamp" and learn some more combat skills. (learn some new kick or punch/block moves for hand-to-hand combat)

To enhance your character: Pay a Surgeon so he can enhance your character.


I would like to see an RPG that not only can be played off-line (singleplayer) but on-line as well! (multiplayer via internet or LAN)


I think players should be able to (quick)save their on-line games when they are in solo-mode.

When in coop-mode with other players (players can create a squad) there will only be the autosave feature that saves the squad's completed and uncompleted missions, status and equipment. (saving/loading while playing in coop-mode is too complecated and won't work!)


After the players' characters are killed, the players can choose to (quick)load the saved game when they are in solo-mode, or choose to respawn in the last visited safe area (or safe location on the map) with the status they had before being killed.

When killed during coop-mode, players will only be able to respawn in the last visited safe area with the status they had before being killed.

The same spawning rule goes for when re-entering an on-line gameserver. (in solo or squadmode)


There should be a persistant story-line (slightly different to the singleplayer story-line) that develops with every action the players make. So being evil/good will have an effect on how NPCs interact with you and how the story develops. Goodguy players will get ties with criminal NPCs and missions. Goodguy players will get ties with goodguy NPCs and missions.


Squadmembers should be able to (voice)chat with the Squadleader and advise him what critical decision/reply to take when engaged with an NPC. (VOIP will be handy!)


Storylines can be followed by two manners:

1) On "closed" maps with only you and your Squadmembers on a mission. This means that there won't be dozens of players on a map trying to kill the same Slavetrader to free Slaves. But only you (and your mates) will be on that Quest/storyline map. If you're the Squadleader, you'll be the host for your Squadmates. (otherplayers will be doing that same mission, but you won't notice them because they'll be on the other Squadleader's hostcomputer) And the Squadmates should be able to chat with the Squadleader telling him if they agree with his decision, or advising him what he/she should do! (VOIP could be handy!)

2) On "open" maps with dozens of players doing their chores, like spying on the other team's town, healing wounded players (maybe for a fee), hunting/assasinating other players, etc. There could be battles being fought between the goodguy players and the badguy players on these maps. So you won't only be fighting side by side with your own squad but with other player squads AND some NPCs (soldiers) as well! The outcome of those battles will be felt by both sides!

Players could try to capture some towns of the other team. (they'll have additional missions per town that way!)

Only two towns should be non-capturable: one for both the good and evil team. But the game starts with even towns on both sides. (6 for the goodguys, 6 for the badguys).


But Town capturing could complicate things, since saved games could make you respawn in a now-captured town, in the middle of the enemy! But I think the developers can make the saved game unavailable untill that Town is back in your team's hands. So if it's captured by the enemy, you'll respawn in another SAFE area instead...with the stats and completed/uncompleted missions of your saved game! (that's the BEST solution!)


And another COOL feature to partially eliminate the need of "grinding", (or endless killing of monsters and other NPCs or even other players!) is that Character Development/Leveling isn't based on Skill Points or Experience Points but on...MONEY! The more money you get by completing missions (or robbing Players and NPC's) the better equipment and weapons you can buy to face tougher enemies that are very hard to beat! (unless if you form a band of brothers and attack the enemy together). So early players will have Lower Level Equipment and Richer Players can afford better equipment and also can afford to learn how to use better weapons.


And there should be a night/day cycle, like in The Elder Scrolls series. (the night/day cycle should last about 15 minutes) And using your bow & arrows (or rifle) will have reduced accuracy when used at night or in dark areas (caves), unless your character has night-vision.

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Players must sometimes improvise during plot-twists that changes mission objectives into another.


MOST action-based RPGs are pretty straightforward; the Player knows what his task/mission/objective is and how he must complete them. Understanding the mission and its outcome is (most of the time) very simple. (there are hardly any plot twists) Very few times there are unexpected suprises or situations that switches the missions in which the panicked player will have to improvise in that situation to come out alive!


NOTE: There mustn't be just one but MULTIPLE ways to come out of such situations! AND these twists should cause MULTIPLE story-endings, offering more gameplay! Every choice could offer another set of missions! AND the player is the one who DECIDES what's best and easier way out! (or just freak out and make the wrong decisions)



You and your Squad will have to secure an area of a few Hostile Troops surrounding your Commanding Officer's makeshift HQ. After clearing out the Enemy, you reach inside the building.

Suddenly, all Hell brakes loose and the place is now swarming with Hostile Troops Reinforcements and they are, entering from the same way you came in. So, what will the player do?

1. Retreat and barricade the doors. Beware. Those doors won't last for long! So find another way out fast!

2. Fall back and try to make a stand (see 1)...untill the Enemy become "demoralised." (you better be a good shooter and have lots of ammo!)


Example 2:

You and your team are ordered to leave a Bunker and return to Base but suprise, suprise, on your way to the Tanks, you witness how your other pals get overwhelmed. So what do you do?

1. Try to fight the Enemy over there...while more of them are starting to move toward you from different directions!

2. Try to make it with the last Tank, located on the other side of the Bunker, to another safer location (a small Town?) in expectation of Friendly reinforcements. (if only the player could reach there AND hold off those troops untill the reinforcements arrive!)

3. Try to make it back inside the Bunker, since inside is relatively safer than outside! And hold them off from there.


And yet another example:

You and your team are supposed to search and find a captured Commanding Officer. (you had received intel about his location earlier). You reach the location (a small Enemy village?), but there's no trace of anyone. Turns out you've walked into an ambush! What do you do?

1. Start firing your weapons, as you try to make a stand-off.

2. Fall back towards your vehicles while firing back at the enemy. Covering each other. (frog-leaping)

3. RUN! While firing sporadically. And try to reach a building quickly that provides lots of cover.

4. Do nothing and DIE swiftly. (hehe!)


In all these situations the story-line AND objectives could change.

What is the Player supposed to do next? Is he gonna stay cool and give the good correct orders without hesitating? Or will he freak out and lead his men (and ofcourse himself!) into the arms of Death? That's his choice!

Wait for Backup? Fight your way out? Last stand? Maybe ALL *options could sometimes be available...!


(*I'm not talking about point-click options. The game should detect the Player's location and situation and trigger what happens next: Backup responding, CO reporting, Enemy Troops departing/attacking)

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