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You dont have to start a new game. It just takes effect when you put them in your "Override" folder in the KotOR II Directory. You may have to make it though.

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It depends on the mod really... Some really compliment the game and well done, others are more hastily done and are a bit, for lack of a better word, sh!t. I am a bit eclectic about the mods I use, but here are some I have bothered looking into...


I would definitely recommend you download the High Level Force Powers (2.0 and the 2.1 patch), as it adds (for the most part) some really nice force powers that add more to the game, although a few of them are a bit repetitive or very similar to other powers. Force Pull, Force Destruction and Force Spirit are pretty cool force powers that intergrate nicely into the gameplay. You can install this mod whenever too. (9/10)


Mods that generally add items (weapons, crystals, robes etc...) I'm not that much a fan of. They tend to be super-powerful items that take away a bit of the challenge in the game. They are fun for about half an hour, then you don't notice them or get bored of them. I'd recommend you only bother with them if a) you find the game a bit hard or b) want to get into modding yourself, as they are good to practice with and give you an idea of how things work. (2/10)


Other mods change the appearance of your PC and NPC's to other models used by the game, whilst others also change the skins and add dialog options. Again, these are mostly hit and miss; you can change the appearance of PC/NPCs through KSE in any case and most mods that change more (dialog, story etc...) are a bit too 'fanboy' for my liking and come off 10 times cheesier than the stuff that already exists. (4/10)


The Combat Simulation Arena is also pretty nifty as a mod and challenge, something else to do before you beat the game. It adds a reskin(?) of an existing area in the game, where there is a Hutt that organises a bunch of fights, similar to KoTOR I in Taris, only a BIT(!) harder and with bigger winnings. (7/10)


There is a Droid Planet mod as well that also changes Goto to another HK droid which is fairly OK, the problem being that the dialog is a bit weird at times (some text is in German). It ties up the story a bit more through some of the restoration, but it still needs more work to be properly intergrated. For work in progress, if you can ignore some of the errors, it's pretty good and worth a go (6/10).


Obviously the most promising mod is the upcoming TSL:Restoration Project, which from the looks of it seems to be solid. Hopefully that'll be out sooner rather than later.

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