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Favorite class combo for your main?

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I'm sure this discussion has been done a bazillion times before, but how about lately?


I find that I really like playing a Sentinel-Weapon Master.


One of the nice things about KotOR2 over the original is that skills really mean something this time, so I like to go crazy with skills in the first few levels. I start out with 14 intelligence, and spend a feat on making Repair a cross-class skill fairly early on. I then pump the crap out of Treat Injury, Computer (to upgrade T3-M4), Repair (to upgrade T3-M4), Persuade (for dialog options), and Awareness (dialog options and avoiding mines) for fifteen levels until I can switch to Weapon Master and beat the crap out of everything (with lots of +strength items, Master Speed, and a decent lightsaber, you can one-hit most things).


Forgive the vagueness of this build, but I'm lazy. :)


Sentinel-Weapon Master



Strength: 14

Dexterity: 14

Constitution: 14

Intelligence: 14

Wisdom: 10

Charisma: 12


Progression: two points into constitution (for the nifty implants), then all remaining points into strength



Computer Use: 4

Demolitions: 1

Stealth: 0

Awareness: 4

Persuade: 4

Repair: 0

Security: 1

Treat Injury: 4


(Note: class skills in yellow, non-class skills in red)


Spend points on Computer Use, Awareness, Persuade, and Treat Injury until you can spend a feat point to make Repair a cross-class skill. Then keep Treat Injury maxed, and keep the other four skills roughly equal (they should only be a couple of points behind Treat Injury). By the time you choose a prestige class, you should already have enough in Repair and Computer to get all relevant upgrades for T3. What you do with your skills after you get all of T3's upgrades is up to you, because it doesn't really matter so much after that. By then your secondary skills should be more than high enough to cause lots of trouble hacking computers, repairing robots, and talking people into giving you their last pair of socks.


One point in Demolitions is a personal thing. I find that certain things in Peragus are easier if you have a point in Demolotions. Namely, when you pull components from the hordes of reprogrammed robots, you can blow them up so that you don't have to keep track of which robots you pulled components from already or not. Also, if you throw one more point into Demolotions, you can recover rather than disable mines. I use a lot of mines in the game for Atton and Mira's solo bits, so it never hurts to stock up early.


One point in Security is more than enough for most locks in the game. You can keep an NPC with a high security skill in your party for those few locks that you can't open yourself.


Keep at least one NPC around you who has Stealth and Demolitions pumped up very high so they can recover mines while stealthed (happens numerous times in the game). Whatever character(s) you use for this function is probably a good candidate for leading the assault on Freedon Nad's tomb on Dxun (the party that goes without you while you and another party heads for Onderon). Bao-Dur, Atton, and Mira all perform well in this capacity. Mira works best to lead the tomb raid because while she is selected, your other party members can't accidentally trip any mines.



First feat: Repair (cross-class)


After that, whatever works for you, but spend feats with the expectation that you'll be a Weaons Master (guardian prestige class) later. I max out Dual Wield and Flurry.


After I choose my prestige class, I pick all the nifty Weapon-Master-specific feats that further enhance lightsaber use and dual-wielding. (Max out Weapon Specialization: Lightsaber, Superior Two Weapon Fighting III, Superior Weapon Focus: Lightsaber.)


Excess feat points can be spent on Toughness and/or Conditioning and/or Jedi Defense or whatever floats your boat.


Force Powers

Of course you want to max out the force powers included in Force Enlightenment (speed, armor, and valor lines). Also, some kind of crowd control (e.g. Force Wave) is a really good idea. After that, do whatever floats your boat.



Sorry, but here's where I get even more vague on you. Wear the nifty Wisdom-boosting headgear (can't recall the name... the +5 Wisdom one, which makes up for your dismal Wisdom score) and every strength-boosting item you can get your grubby little hands on.


Since your Dexterity is relatively low, you can wear the Zeison Sha (or similar) armor without worrying about the max dexterity bonus associate with it. Make sure you keep a high-ranking Biorestorative Underlay and a high-ranking Energy Shielding overlay in it.


For your lightsaber, you'll have tons of feats to improve your to-hit bonuses once you become a Weapon Master, so just pack your double-bladed lightsaber full of every damage-enhancing widget you can cram in there.


NPC skills

Stealth-Demolition characters:

  • Atton
  • Bao-Dur
  • Mira

Security characters:

  • Kreia
  • Visas Marr
  • Bao-Dur
  • Mira
  • T3-M4



Anyway, what's your favorite build?

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i usually went for either a sentinel/weaponsmaster or sentinel/master


one playthrough i had was as a sentinel/assassin which was quite fun

i chose stealth run as one of my feats and had a really high stealth skill. i'd run around in stealth mode (with no party members) and run up to people and use critical strike with 2 keen lightsabers

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I really like the Sentinel-Weapon Master/Marauder build too.


I like that high skills can actually net you more experience this time around, and at higher levels, it's fun to max out the dual-wield and lightsaber feats.


I generally focus more on dexterity (and finesse) than strength, and in the grand scheme of things, the difference between +1 and +5 strength is not that significant at 30+ level, when your lightsaber has +40 or more to damage from crystals, upgrades, etc.

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True, but neither is the difference between +1 and +5 dexterity bonus all that much at level 30, particularly when the Zeison Sha-style armors make up the difference in armor class (not to mention allowing for underlays and overlays on your main and saving a feat point on finesse). Six one way, half dozen the other.

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True, but neither is the difference between +1 and +5 dexterity bonus all that much at level 30, particularly when the Zeison Sha-style armors make up the difference in armor class (not to mention allowing for underlays and overlays on your main and saving a feat point on finesse). Six one way, half dozen the other.

The Master Jedi Defense feats (automatically earned as you increase in level) eventually overcome the bonus for wearing the Jedi Armor rather than Jedi Robes ... you won't get an overlay, but ... pro's and con's with each.

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My favorite combination would be Guardian/Sith Lord. I enjoy this combination bc it gives me the ability to do decent dmg with a lightsaber and use potent force powers at the same time without sacrificing lightsaber capabilities. The bonus's result in plus 1-8dmg and 50 fp which is nice. I guess I was sort of inspired by palpatine who is a true sith lord, yet kills 3 jedi in lightsaber combat with ease while having an extremely potent force lightning at the same time. I would call my build rather unique. I take turns every 4 lv's putting a point in str and then wisdom the next lv and repeat the process. Only weakness I found was how badly the lack of int made skill progression, but then again you mainly use your party members for skill related tasks so it's not that bad.


The Build:

Str 15

Dex 10

Con 14

Int 10

Wis 15

Cha 12

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I usually go for Consular/Jedi Master, cos I love force powers.


I start with:

Str 10

Dex 14

Con 8

Int 12

Wis 16

Cha 16


I put the first 2 lvl ups to dex and then the rest to wis.


If your PC is male (which mine usualy is) the battle precog feat gives you a really high defense. I often end up with over 50 defense, wearing robes.

Another great idea by the people who brought you beer milkshakes!


"I don't see a problem...then again, SW isn't my life, so what do I know...." - some who makes 27.8 post per day on a SW forum!

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