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You know when you're on Nar Sharda (however you spell it) and you finally get that message from T3 to see Visquis in his private lounge, then you go alone and Mira takes you to that safe house and knocks you out with gas? (Light Side of course) Well the quest just won't work when she gets there. There's supposed to be a clip that shows up and him and Hannhar are like "He showed up, blah blah blah, seal the back door" then the exit's cealed and you have to go to his lounge. Well I didn't get to see that video and Mira just walks up to and away from the lounge door when I click on it to have her open it.


I did put some mods on there though. A whole bunch of item mods, a fix for Visas and Nihilious and such. Then I have a merchant mod and a Jedi fix mod.


Any idea's on what to do?

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Don't forget that KOTOR doesn't delete the saved games during unistall unless you tell it to, so unistall and reinstall might clear the problem up. Bare in mind that the saved games might not run if they have been saved while you have something from one of the mods, but if they do load you might not have to redo half the game again.

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