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you sure like your purple lightsabers, eh? these are really good, you should make one of malak and bandon, and the k2 badguys

The Exile's voice was stern

"Darth Nihilus, remove your mask"

The Sith Lord slowly raised his hands to his face. In utter shock, the Exile looked upon the face of.....

Jolee Bindo!!



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Nice ones. Thanks :sorcerer:

Sith Recruit: Do you know how many sith there are on this planet?

Jolee Bindo: Twelve! No, wait! Thirteen!

"Commentary: The meatbag speaks without clarity. Detail your involvement or the master will splatter your organs all over the floor."


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Very pretty. :dragon: More of the scenery of Dantooine would be nice - it's easily the prettiest planet. I liked the enclave one a lot. Some more without characters or lightsabers would be cool, but if you've got to have them, make them blue. :geek:

"An electric puddle is not what I need right now." (Nina Kalenkov)

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