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Oblivion Expansion: Shivering Isles


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I am well aware of the situation, far more so than most in the company. Since, as I said before, I'm not paid to speak for the company, I won't comment, at least not now.


Fair enough, you act as if I demand this from you (I realise I should not have used 'you' earlier in fact, which was a mistake) when I don't. It's the companies image and not mine afterall, I have no dog in the show at all. I just find it interesting that Bethsoft chose to ban a site they gave a lot of media attention to, interviews and such pre-release, then after release a sudden stonewalling and blacklisting - a blacklisting that occurs on the timeframe the site becomes increasingly critical of Bethesda.


That takes some explaining.


However, I'll believe any position that is supported by evidence and factual statements.


You're reporting the issue. I would hope it was not driven by an agenda, but I've seen no reason to believe otherwise.
You're endearing yourself to me nicely at the moment, by trying to imply I have some hidden agenda and similar. Absurd levels of paranoia?


In any event, from what I have read at the moment Bethsoft acted in an entirely unfair and arbitary manner in response to a site that was increasingly critical of the poor state of the PC release of Star Trek legacy. The complete 'blacklist' of the site from the company I view as both immature and poor for fostering any sort of communication.


It appears like you're trying to "stick it to the man," rather than try and spread information. In the process you're spreading disinformation.


Disinformation how? Is it disinformation because it doesn't fit with the account you would like people to believe?


Again, one side of the argument has supported their position.


I was planning to discuss this issue (among many others) on Monday, anyway. I'll see what I can do about getting an official response, but don't hold your breath.
That's good actually, because as it stands with the information I have read it doesn't reflect well upon Bethsoft.


Edit: Also, just so we're clear, nobody is demanding you to engage in this discussion if you are not wanting to elaborate incidentally :o


You zinged me good there! Oblivion likened to communist russia! Never been done!


I just like the analogy of following around the compass to victory actually, not really any allusions to communist Russia :sweat:


Edit: I also love how you ignored the major points there that most quests bombard you with huge amounts of information (making sure you know Every. Individual. Step. Regardless) and even when doing them, have distinctly simplistic designs to begin with.


Pardon? I don't recall any doors asking riddles in KotN.
It's one of the bonus quests, Mehrunes Razor, which is in the KotN mini-expansion that was released earlier in the year. It's on a stool in fact next to the door, not a chair :)


Which raises a very interesting question, why is there a puzzle door guarding something if the answer is just easily available to any thief right next to it?


Edit2: Even a screenshot for clarity!




Edit: This again, is one of the problems I have with the way that quests were designed in oblivion, where the answer was always easy to find. There was another quest where you had to decipher heiroglyphs or similar to open a door in a dungeon or something. Unfortunately, all this involved was taking a book back to an NPC who then subsequently tells you the precise order of the answers and what you need to cast/do. Even more conviently for you, there is even a chest that has the four spells required to boot.


I'll cut you.


:D I still think that Daggerfall is one of the best RPGs I've played. It was very deep, had a lot of hidden complexity and a pretty deep skill tree as well.


I still prefer Morrowind to Oblivion as well.

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I like the compass. *shrugs*



ANyway, I agree with Aegeri that Daggerfall is one of the best ever, but we're never going to see a game like it again so probnably best not to dwell on it. I have it installed on an old laptop and stil play it from time to time!


I think the agression toward SS should be toned down a bit. One person is hardly responsible for either the entire content of a game or the PR policies of a software company. SS is here as an Obsidian poster not as a Bethsoft rep. IF he wants to talk about hsi experiences with Oblivion and Bethsoft, great. It's fun to hear, but I think throwing boulders at him is probably over doing it.



My biggest problem with Oblivion is the leveling speed. Its bizarre. Also the thieves with Daderic armor. Silly.

Notice how I can belittle your beliefs without calling you names. It's a useful skill to have particularly where you aren't allowed to call people names. It's a mistake to get too drawn in/worked up. I mean it's not life or death, it's just two guys posting their thoughts on a message board. If it were personal or face to face all the usual restraints would be in place, and we would never have reached this place in the first place. Try to remember that.
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Crashgirl, SS waded into the discussion himself by refuting my claim. That is the way the deal went down. So far he has merely said "Bethesda doesn't do that!" then hides behind the old "official" tag when it comes to backing up his play.


Monday will come and go. Silence. Time goes on.


The usual.

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Wow, this turned ugly. Wasn't exactly my aim to make this into a bitchfest. Oblivion has some good points which I will not deny. Fact those 5 things that I listed are the only things I dislike about the game. Also maybe I should have clarified that they are listed in terms of importance. As for the black listed sites that is Bethesda's business if they do that or not. If they do, so be it. If they don't, good for them. All I care about is getting a good game for the money. If they fix 3 out of the 5 problems I have with Oblivion then good, I will spend the money to get the expansion. If they don't, no biggie. I'll spend my money elsewhere. One less sale isn't going to kill them.

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"Disinformation how? Is it disinformation because it doesn't fit with the account you would like people to believe?"


Disinformation because it's one sided, and it's froma dubious source.




"Again, one side of the argument has supported their position."


With no ahrd evidence. Just assumptions, and whining.


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You *do* relaize I dislike Bethesda, and their games, right? And, SS and I have a long, and fun history of strongly disagreeing with each other? I hope you arne't implying that I'm a Bethesda fanboy. That would be HILARIOUS! :thumbsup:


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What? Are you blind? Where did I call you a fanboy?


Read the words please. They are connected to you claiming that what one side says is "Not evidence" and "Whining". Now, by the inference made here you would have to admit that;


a)Neither party is able to give us "Hard" evidence, as in photocopies, signed docos, or whatever it is you are claiming constitutes evidence.


So, in this regard, since the Trekkies have said one thing and are "Dubious Whiners" Bethesda saying something must mean "Hard evidence".


Edit: As for me, I remember when Bethesda banned RPG Codex, apparently for "Naughty links" being there. The reason that this is bull**** is easy to see, as they even had devs going there for ages and then suddenly, when the Codex started to hammer Oblivion, a blackban came out in force.


Thats evidence enough for me.

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If someone wants to create a new thread about the actual expansion, please do so. Leave the conspiracy theories out of the new thread. You've had your say, Girias. Indeed, you get the last word. That will have to be enough.

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