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A weird problem with Onderon...

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So after I finished the first bit of Onderon, and came back to Dxun... the Mandalorian who's supposed to show up on the Hawk... doesn't. It did this to me the last time I played on my old PC, and I can't figure out what to do... I've reloaded and redone Onderon (no effect), and cleaned the disc... not sure what else to do.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. :(

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Finish another planet...


Or if you mean Mandalore; is he in your "choose teammates" selection screen?




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It's my last planet, and I didn't mean Mandalore.


It's the bolded part in the planet quest timeline...


Gone to Dxun -> Go to Onderon with Mandalore -> Leave Onderon -> Get message from Jedi Master guy via Mandalorian -> Return to Onderon/divide party for palace battle/Sith battle -> Finish planet.


I figured it was something with my disc or something. :)

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You mean kelborn? YOu go to dxun and a guide should be standing near the ebon hawk. You talk to him and then he takes you to kelborn then it all begins.

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If it is your last planet, you could leave the planet and explore a little. You should then run into a message to go back to the camp. I think it is just waiting for you to triger the event to start the next part of the story. But you need to leave to do that. (I think)

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