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Need a save game urgent!

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Help! I get off Telos station on to the planets surface and the whole things crashes, the GUI literally disappears and I can't continue without seeing my dialogue choices.

This is doing my head in, if I use a warp cheat it messes up variables and I lose people and it all goes to ****.


Has someone got a Telos savegame folder they can send me? Any save game on Telos surface or at the snow plateau will do, no matter what progress has been made.



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I had this save game once totally on telos station and all that ****, but then I found out she was a jailbait, a bloody 16 year old, and she had lied her age to me so I ditched her.

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That's all very easy to say but I started again got down to Telos again, and the same thing has happened.

You've misunderstood, I used the cheat as a last resort, its not what caused it to crash.

I can't reload the save game because its a bug in the game that when you land on Telos it loses the GUI. What I need is a save game just after that level which causes the game to crash.

I appreciate your responses but I've tried everything you've suggested. I wish I hadn't waste my money on a game this buggy.

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What you describe is not a bug that I am familiar with (and I have completed the game a few times); I would be hesitant to blame the game when there might be numerous other causes, such as your PC specs, for example.




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Unfotunately, I deleted all my save games from my last playthrough. But I can really understand you. Afterall, you have to play that damned Peragus part again. I really hate it.


But I believe, there is a mod that allows you to skip Peragus Mining Facility complety.

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