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Consumer Electronics Show 2007


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So far my interest has been piqued by:


FUll HD TVs arrive

Philips, Sony and Samsung all agree that 1080p is the future of large televisions.


At CES 2007 in Las Vegas, Philips, Sony and Samsung all claimed to be the current market leader in LCD televisions. The one thing that all three companies agreed on was that this year is going to be the year for full resolution 1,920x1,080 progressive (1080p) LCD televisions, compared to the current batch of 1,280x720 progressive (720p) sets.


The delay in 1080p televisions has been down to processing power.


'As a general rule, having enough processing power is three times more important than having more pixels,' said Stewart Muller, president of Philips North America.




World's first HD DVD and Blu-ray player


LG has unveiled the world's first dual format HD DVD and Blu-ray player at CES 2007 in Las Vegas. The BH100, or Super Multi Blue Player as LG has dubbed it, will be capable of playing both HD video discs.


"We've developed the Super Multi Blue Player to end the confusion caused by the current competition between Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD," said Dr. Hee **** Lee, president and CTO of LG Electronics. "Customers are no longer forced to choose between the two formats.


There's some other tech goodies here.


Please feel free to post other announcements as they come up.

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I thought it was on simultaneously.


It is. And on that note, HD-DVD has just won the next gen format wars. HD-DVD has support of the Porn industry.

That's weird, I thought Blu-Ray had also gotten porn support.


Worked for DVDs and VHS. We'll see how this does.


Who wants expensive porn in high def when there's plenty of free, SD porn on the internets? Amirite?

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Although the market environments from then do not really compare to today's home video market, parallels are drawn between the Betamax-VHS battle to the ongoing and escalating fight between Blu-ray and HD DVD. One of the key questions at this year's CES actually is "Which high-def format will win the current format war - Blu-ray or HD DVD?" Surprisingly, it seems that there is no such question in the minds of the adult industry luminaries.


HD DVD is the preferred format. Period.


One of the big problems they have with Blu-ray is its expense, followed by its market share.

Those are good points: the industry is nowhere near as claustrophobic as it was back in Betamax days ... but unit costs are always going to sway manufacturers.




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