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Why do you keep saying "kthx" and "kbye"?


Cos givin' clear proof that I'm geek is LEET.




:lol: :lol: Chopped.


Wish mine did 2?  :brows:




And get a room you two.


For the slow people, I'm referring to Xard and Sturm. :p:aiee:

Perhaps... you "three"? :brows:


Yeah you Finnish love the German army!

Nope. Finnish dudes only love Swedish Blondes. Nothing else, except hockey. :thumbsup: And remember... the final game in the Olympic Games in Turin, 3-2... ...Nicklas Lidstr

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:)  Spam!  :)



NO WAI!!! :o


We The Mighty Finns love ale, womens, ale, hockey, ale, Koskenkorva (one of our spirits), womens, blowing stuff up, ale, brutal violence against silly people like gays and swedes (though they pretty much are same thing), heavy metal, Koskenkorva, money, molotov ****tail, hard work, hockey, ale and heavy metal.


Did I mention ale?


As a whole I don't like We The Mighty Finns very much, but on other hand I don't like people as a whole neither so it's nothing special antipatriotism.




Best thing from Sweden is swedish women, worst is everything else :p

How can it be a no ob build. It has PROVEN effective. I dare you to show your builds and I will tear you apart in an arugment about how these builds will won them.

- OverPowered Godzilla (OPG)



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