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Kill Queen Talia or Vaklu and find Kavar after you help Dhagon Ghent.

Kool sounds like a job for HK-47 with the mandalorian assult rifle sweet or what which sells for 99some points but got it for nothing from mandalore :joy:




Find Kavar after helped Dhagon Ghent.


Killing / Arresting Queen Talia or General Valku is loose end.


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BTW, as neither one of these two have mentioned, if you kill (CSI you cannot arrest) Talia, then you are forced to kill Kavar as well.... finish Onderon, leave for Dxun, go do another planet, go back to Dxun, finish Freedon Nadd's temple, and then go to Onderon, finish up there and then go back to Nar Shaddaa.... and talk to Greeda, you must have finished Dantooine to get the Pacifist Package

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With game, there is an NPC called Ponlar in Onderon's market square. Deciding to join in eventual uprising or riot with him and supporting him will more or less align you with Vaklu. Another way to side with Vaklu would be to select dialogue option that says you think Vaklu would be one you choose in ruling Onderon, as opposed to siding with the Queen. Then, after doing either of these, speak to Anda to receive quests for removing captains from their posts. Siding with Vaklu is possible without having to necessarily switch from LS to DS alignment.

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