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What's the best class in Kotor 2???

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With Assassin prestige class, sneak attacks together with power attacks, and assuming that character with enough Str and sufficient Wis can easily take out quite a few Sith force users in Trayus academy. Find it hard to forget sound of force power when Insanity works on those Sith assassins.

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I don't like blend in. I'd like to use either pure weapon master or Jedi master, as each of them has their own strengths.


I think: Jedi Master-Jedi Weapon Master-Jedi Watchman-Jedi Master.


Jedi Master can use very high level force powers, such as Stasis Field, with ease. Which Jedi Weapon Master lacks on wisdom.


Jedi Weapon Master got very high strength, but their wisdom is not very low, hense they can resist some of Jedi Watchman's Force power as their wisdom is not as high as Jedi Master.


Jedi Watchman can defeat a Jedi Master because they can resist some of Jedi Master's Force powers and can overpower them by lightsaber skills.


In all, it's just pure Scissor-cloth-rock game.


That also works for Sith Marauder, Sith Assassin, and Sith Lord.


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I noticed that Jedi Watchmen get Sneak Attack. Well that's a deal-breaker (maker?) for me, because once you stun or stasis an enemy, you get automatic sneak attacks on them.


Now the question is, what base class should I take? :)


I'm thinking Jedi Consular for the difficulty class bonus for my force powers, as well as more force powers.

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I personally find jedi consular/ jedi master to be the best combination. You have an enormous amount of force points to use support powers and heals for your team while still being able to use your high wisdom for offensive powers. The weak light saber abilities are a little annoying, given how lightsabers are more fun than spamming force wave, but with good crystals/upgrades and a few feats devoted towards melee you should have no issues taking out enemies through melee. Besides, once they become jedi, your party members will be able to dish out the melee damage for you. Plus having played a guardian/marauder before I can tell you that 1 shotting the opposition gets old fast.

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I prefer Jedi Consular/Jedi Master(Sith Lord) but the drawback of this choice is the inability to learn Shien style - since I always use Critical Strike.


Jedi Sentinel/Jedi Watchman(Sith Assassin) is a good choice for maxing out all skills & Force Cloak, and they can learn Shien.

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