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Cyan lightsaber glitch?

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I've noticed this for a while, and I appologise if this topic has already done, but is it just me, or if you, or you party has a cyan lightsaber equipted they dont automatically turn off? Or they are constantly on, and if you do turn them off by flurying your weapon and you go to the next scene they are on? Its really annoying and maybe its some bug or glitch, or somehow linked to some cut content perhaps.

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It is a bug/glitch, I have encountered the same problem. Annoying if you ask me.

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Couldn't get Bao-Dur to create a saber for my character that had cyan crystal in it to select at all. Had to use a crystal I did not want and then find a workbench to get cyan into the colour slot for the saber. Had it happen once before, although none of party characters have used cyan so far.

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Yeah, cyan lightsaber is a sort of glitch, and since I'm more like Yoda, so I shifted to Virvidian lightsabers.


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