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What are those Sith troopers about?

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BattleCookie, I'm compelled to ask, do you know if TSLRP is going to mend this little fiasco?


From what I hear there will be no Peragus deleted content restored


I don't see how it is a fiasco... (stuff removed)


Maybe because Peragus was supposed to be without any living soul... and Sith Troopers there make no sense whatsoever in the current plot?

Two thanks, one for the answer, the other for the explanation.

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Illegal Immigrants being smuggled because Sion doesnt want to give them luxary accomodation.



Good one! :D And all that shooting was about "We want free food!!!!"


:p yeah


But really I think there was need of an explaination for their arival because really they come out of no where. Sith who you where fighting from the first one. Before on Peragus you where fighting the droids and assasins ect. and out of no where come these random thought to be gone and obsolete troops that you have to shooty shoot.

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