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Crysis Preview


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This looks good, hope there'll be a 360 port of it though, because there's no way in hell I'm going to be able to run it on my PC.

Just because you're a bit thinner than your even fatter mum it doesn't mean you're in excellent physical shape, if you could fit through the door and view the normal people you'd notice that cheeseburger boy. Squid suck.

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One of these days I'll get around to buying top of the line everything for my computer. That way when games like this come out I won't have to say "pass, my comp won't run it". :shifty:

"Console exclusive is such a harsh word." - Darque

"Console exclusive is two words Darque." - Nartwak (in response to Darque's observation)

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According to Yerli, the 64-bit version "will bring a performance difference of up to 10 to 15 percent on each thread" compared to the 32-bit version.


But...but i thought that if you bought a 64-bit CPU, your performance would improve by a factor 2^32 :shifty:

"Some men see things as they are and say why?"
"I dream things that never were and say why not?"
- George Bernard Shaw

"Hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man."
- Friedrich Nietzsche


"The amount of energy necessary to refute bull**** is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it."

- Some guy 

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