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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Begging

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There's another one? I thought the last one (a couple of years ago) was trashed by everyone who saw it. :-

who is going to see it i am actually it the first one :D

You're in the first one? Is that what you meant?


Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Begging is a much better and scarier title.

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Chris' keyboard has apparently been manufactured by the same company that sold Volo his keyboard.

"My hovercraft is full of eels!" - Hungarian tourist
I am Dan Quayle of the Romans.
I want to tattoo a map of the Netherlands on my nether lands.
Heja Sverige!!
Everyone should cuffawkle more.
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Without that hot girl in it, what would be the point? Let me guess they got a new hot girl, well it would be hard to imagine she could be as hot as the previous hot girl.


Plus that movie portrays an unfair stereotype of smalltown Texans who murder, most of us are more like Ed Gaines driven to kill from lives of being immasculated by our mothers then chainsaw weilding maniacs.

People laugh when I say that I think a jellyfish is one of the most beautiful things in the world. What they don't understand is, I mean a jellyfish with long, blond hair.

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